Get Started

  • What's new?
    See what’s new in VertiGIS Studio Access Control.
  • System requirements
    View the hardware and software requirements for VertiGIS Studio Access Control, and the ArcGIS versions that it is compatible with.
  • Installation
    Install VertiGIS Studio Access Control on premises, and perform the basic post-installation configuration.
  • Configure your first permissions
    Follow a step-by-step guide that helps you add fine-grained permissions to an ArcGIS Server service.
  • Tech Tip videos
    Learn common patterns, best practices and tips and tricks with our Tech Tips video series.

Key Features

  • Designer
    Configure permissions right in your browser.
  • Fine-grained permissions
    Secure access to the layers, fields, features, geometries, and geoprocessing tasks of your ArcGIS Server services.
  • Attribute filters
    Secure access to features using attribute value rules.
  • Geometry filters
    Secure access to features using geofence boundary rules.
  • Custom permissions
    Apply your own business rules using advanced JavaScript-based permissions.
  • Applies to all your ArcGIS apps
    Permissions applied in VertiGIS Studio Access Control automatically take effect in any apps that use the ArcGIS REST API. For example, Web AppBuilder, Experience Builder, VertiGIS Studio Web and the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5.