By default, VertiGIS Studio Access Control log files are stored in the following location:

C:\ProgramData\Geocortex\Access Control\logs


You can control how much information is recorded in the log files by changing the logging level setting in the logSettings.json configuration file.

Log Levels

The following table summarizes the log levels supported by Access Control. All settings are case-sensitive.

Logging Level

Information Recorded in the Log


Error messages


Error and warning messages


Error and warning messages, plus informational messages related to the progress of the application

This is the default setting


All of the above, plus fine-grained informational events useful for debugging the Access Control application

Change the log level

To change the log level:

  1. Navigate to the logSettings.json configuration file. By default, this file is located at:


    C:\ProgramData\Geocortex\Access Control\config\access-control\logSettings.json


  2. Open the file in a text editor and change the loggingLevel setting as required. For example:


    "loggingLevel": "debug"


  3. Save your changes.