About Analytics New Docs

You will notice that there are two configuration sections in the Admin Guide, which may seem odd. The difference between them is that the configuration covered in Initial Configuration really needs to be done before Analytics will function optimally. The configuration in the Configure Analytics section can be done at any point.


Admin Guide - written for the person who will be configuring Analytics. It presupposes an IT background and knowledge of servers, networks, and GIS infrastructure.

Install Guide - written for the person who will install Analytics. The Deployment section is in this guide because those decisions will need to be made with or by the person likely to be doing the installation. Because of the complexity, their technical expertise would need to be high. They could be the same person as the Admin, but may not be.

User Guide - written for the person who will monitor Analytics outputs, interpret the data, and use it for reports or to make infrastructure decisions. Their technical level would need to be higher than average GIS admins, but need not be at the level of the person who configures and installs Analytics.