Configure Analytics

In Analytics, some of the configuration happens automatically. The software detects components on the machine like Essentials or ArcGIS software and begins monitoring and collecting data from them immediately. If new components are added to the system, in many cases, Analytics detects them as well and begins monitoring them.

However, there are elements that you need to configure before Analytics can function fully. For example, you need to enter email and SMS details if you want particular recipients to receive an email or text when an alarm triggers and configure an ArcGIS Server with administrator credentials in order to collect usage information.

You can also add or edit resources in Configuration, where you can customize alarms and settings at all levels of your GIS infrastructure.

To configure Analytics, click Configuration and select the resource you want to configure from the sidebar. To add a resource, click Add at the bottom of the sidebar and select the type of resource you want to add.

For more information, see the Initial Configuration section of the Help.

Click any of the links below to see detailed settings for each group of resources: