Key Components

Hub Server

When you install Analytics, you must install it on the Hub server first. When you identify a server as the Hub server, the Analytics installer ensures that the Analytics application, Elasticsearch Data Store and all the required roles are installed on the Hub server. The Hub server is the central node of the cluster and it manages the distributed system.

Geocortex Core

Geocortex Core is a programming model for building distributed web mapping applications that use ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, and Geocortex Essentials. It includes a large class library, a software runtime environment and development tools. Analytics is built on Core and its services are adapted roles.

Agent Server

Any Agent server or virtual server in your GIS system that has Analytics installed and is part of the same cluster, is an Agent server.


A cluster is a group of servers that work together to behave like a single unit, with each server being a node in the cluster. All the servers with Analytics installed must be part of the same cluster. A server is a cluster member if they share the same cluster name. You specify a cluster name when you install Analytics. Once chosen, a cluster cannot be renamed without loss of data.

Analytics Application

The application displays the data that Analytics collects in the form of tables and graphs. The data is structured in a resource hierarchy represented on the accordion sidebar. The sidebar both automatically generated and manually configured. The sidebar displays all the elements Analytics is monitoring in your GIS system. The layout is designed to make it easy to navigate to the data you want to examine.

In addition to the navigation, the Dashboards are a way to quickly summarize and group information so that you can focus on the key data that is important to you.

The data in the Analytics application is divided by tabs into:


Typical Architecture of an Analytics Installation

Analytics is designed to function as a multi-server, distributed system with a central Hub server where the Data Store collects the data and the Analytics application displays the data. The Hub server can, but is not recommended to have an instance of Essentials installed.

While all the roles are installed on the Hub server, a subset of the roles are installed on Agent machines.

The data collected from any one Agent machine depends on the resources installed on that machine. Operational data from Geocortex viewers is also collected within each viewer and relayed to Analytics periodically.