Add Mobile and Web Apps

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Add Mobile and Web Apps

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VertiGIS Studio Analytics can also monitor Studio Mobile and Web apps using telemetry endpoints. You can create as many endpoints as you need, but typically only one or two endpoints are required. For example, one endpoint could be used for production while another could be for development/testing. The endpoint is first created on the Hub and then referenced in the Mobile or Web Designer's settings.


Only one endpoint is needed to collect Mobile / Web app data. Using multiple endpoints simply provides a 'grouping' in the Reports' navigation.


How to Add Mobile/Web Apps

To add a Mobile app for monitoring by Analytics:

1.As an administrator in the Analytics application, click the Settings icon.

2.Click Analytics Endpoints in the navigation panel.

3.Click Add New Analytics Endpoint.

4.Enter a name in the Display Name field and click Finish.

5.From the updated list of endpoints, locate the newly created endpoint and copy its URL.

6.Log in to Studio Mobile Designer or Studio Web Designer.

7.Click the desired app.

8.Click Studio Analytics under the Services tab.

9.Paste the telemetry endpoint into the URL field and click Close to apply those changes.



Advanced Security

Since all telemetry endpoints reside on the Hub, and the Web and Mobile apps could be running outside the firewall, security may be a concern. To address this, there is a mechanism to utilize Reverse Proxy services in IIS. The Web server would be exposed to the internet, such as in a DMZ, while the Hub is safe behind the firewall. Telemetry endpoint URLs can be "redirected" via Reverse Proxy to the actual endpoint that lives on the Hub.


Reverse Proxy Setup Steps:

1.In server manager, enable "Web Server (IIS) feature if it is not already enabled.

2.Install Application Request Routing (ARR), if it is not already installed

3.Open IIS manager and click on the server in the left navigation area. In the main content area, under IIS, double click on the Application Request Routing feature.

4.On the Application Request Routing Cache page, in the right navigation area, select Server Proxy Settings under 'Proxy'.

5.Now, select Enable Proxy and then click Apply in the right Actions menu.

6.In the left navigation area, select the site which you want to allow telemetry requests to come to on this server.

7.In the main content area for that site, select URL Rewrite under IIS.  

8.Click Add Rules in the right actions panel, and select Reverse Proxy, then click OK.  

9.You will be adding an inbound rule, so in the text box for inbound rules, add the server's name or IP address for the Hub server (this is where the telemetry requests will be forwarded). Once you have done that, select OK.  

10.You should now see the new rule in the Inbound Rules list. Double click on the new rule to edit it.

11.For the pattern, you want to use the Hub's IIS path. For this example, the IIS path should begin with VertiGIS/Studio/Analytics (the default IIS path). You must include /api/telemetry)(.*) to end the pattern. This will match all incoming requests for the telemetry endpoints.  
For the Rewrite URL textbox below, you must modify the path, so it reroutes the incoming requests to the actual Hub's telemetry endpoint. Note that the value {R:2} represents the value in the second set of parentheses in the Pattern field. This denotes the wildcard section of the pattern containing the asterisk.