Hub Installation

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Hub Installation

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Install Analytics on a Hub Server

When you install Analytics, you will install the Hub software first. If possible, choose a server that can be dedicated for Analytics Hub services to ensure the Analytics database and data processing engines have enough resources. The Analytics Hub installer ensures that all necessary components are installed, including the Analytics web application, supporting database, server features, and all data processing components.


The recommended deployment is to install Analytics Hub software on its own dedicated server.


You can have only one Hub server.

For security reasons, it is recommended to use HTTPS for launching the Analytics interface.

The host name is preferable to using an IP address. Therefore, it is recommended to add a DNS record for the server running the Analytics Hub.

To install Hub, you need local administrator rights.

Analytics Hub can be installed alongside other production software but will require the machine hosting both to have sufficient resources to allow both to run effectively. Before installing Analytics Hub to a server, it cannot have sustained CPU usage above 20%, when monitored in Windows Task Manager. In addition, the server must have free resources available that exceed the minimum identified for each application. See Analytics System Requirements.


How to install Analytics Hub on a server

1.Navigate to the folder where you unzipped the Hub installation package.

2.Double-click the VertiGIS Studio Analytics Hub installer file to open the Setup Wizard application. Click Next to continue.

3.Read the License Agreement, accept the terms, and click Next to continue.

4.If you want to change the default location to install Analytics, click Change and navigate to the folder where you want to install or you can create a new folder. Click Next to continue.

5.Click Install to begin the installation.

6.Ensure the checkbox to launch VertiGIS Studio Analytics - Hub Setup Utility is checked and click the Finish button. This completes the Hub Setup Wizard and launches the Hub Setup Utility.

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