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Resource Detail Reports

If you select a specific resource within a resource group in the navigation section, you will see a Resource Detail Report, as seen below. This report shows status and trend details about the chosen resource. It is different from an overview-type report, in that it only shows metrics for a single resource.

It is easy to see that you are in a Resource Detail Report because the heading of Reports shows the selected resource name.


When in the Status tab for a Resource Detail Report, the top of the report contains details for the resource. The rest of the report contains various panels that change from resource to resource. In the above example, Server1 has only one panel called Monitored Applications. While a detailed report of an ArcGIS server shows details within three panels: Machines, Web Adapters, and Services.

Within a panel, any highlighted text can be clicked to drill down into that resource. An example of that can be seen below in a Services panel in which the name can be clicked to reveal details about that service.


Also, when examining an ArcGIS server, the navigation section contains a folder structure and services. The folders can be expanded, and each service highlighted in blue can be clicked to see its metrics.