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You can configure Analytics' settings by clicking the Settings icon. Settings shows information on security, agents, endpoints, and resources in your Analytics environment. Settings is also where you add more resources and apps to monitor.


The Security section is used to configure security providers and add groups to control access to Analytics.


The Agents section shows details for all agents installed in your GIS and allows for the addition of new agents.

Analytics Endpoints

The Analytics Endpoints section shows configured endpoints that can be used with Analytics-enabled Web and Mobile applications to send client data to Analytics. This section also allows for creating new endpoints.


The Resources section lists resources monitored by Analytics such as servers, ArcGIS server, Enterprise Portals, ArcGIS Online accounts, Studio Web apps, and Studio Mobile apps.

Add Resource

The Add Resource dropdown allows for adding various resources to monitor: Server, ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Online. See Add a Resource.




Clicking the Help icon displays various links to assist the end user:

Analytics Help

Community Discussion

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