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In most cases, you would install the Analytics Hub software on a standalone server and then install an Agent onto any machine that you want to monitor. That Agent then collects data about the resource and sends data back to the Hub.

It is possible to install Analytics Hub on a server that is already running other applications, but it is not recommended. This is not preferred as the other applications could limit the resources such as memory, hard drive space, and CPU available to Analytics.

You must install Analytics Hub before you install an Analytics Agent. All of the Analytics data is stored on the Hub and it also hosts the application, which is why the Hub server needs to be appropriately powerful.


When installing the Hub software and Agent software, the data directories can be modified. If an Agent is installed on the Hub server, ensure that Hub and Agent use different data directories.


Before You Begin

Make sure your server meets the requirements outlined in the Requirements section.


Main Steps to Install Analytics

The main steps to install VertiGIS Studio Analytics are as follows:

1.Download the Analytics Hub installation software.

2.Install Analytics Hub on the Hub server.

3.Configure security for Analytics install and access.

4.Install Analytics Agent.

5.Setup an Agent.