Geocortex Analytics

Geocortex Analytics collects, organizes, analyzes, and displays information about your GIS infrastructure. Analytics enables you to monitor the performance of your physical servers, ArcGIS Servers, Geocortex Essentials instances and sites, Geocortex Applications, Databases, WebOffice instances, ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS instances, as well as Web Applications and Websites. You can use the data that Analytics collects to identify problems and trends so that you can manage and optimize the use of your GIS infrastructure.

In addition, you can set alarms on key resources like servers, infrastructure, and services so that when a resource goes offline, takes too long to send a response, or an error is reported by a component in your GIS infrastructure, alarms will trigger. Alarms can be configured to send notifications via email or text (SMS) so that you can respond rapidly when vital parts of your GIS infrastructure stop working. You can also create a list of recipients who receive alarm notifications and specify the resources they receive notifications about.

Geocortex Analytics collates and presents data in panels formatted as charts or tables so that you can visualize and analyze the data. You can save panels to a Dashboard to make it easy to group, summarize, and print panels that are particularly important for you to track, monitor, or report on. Analytics also helps you understand how people are using your applications, how to optimize your infrastructure, and maximize resource availability.

The Configuration section makes it easy edit the configuration of resources that Analytics discovers automatically or to add new resources and configure them.

What is Analytics?

Analytics gives you in-depth and comprehensive monitoring of your GIS system by: