AOP Acronym List

AAP After Action Playback
AOI Area of Interest
API Application Program Interface - a published set of protocols and tools that a company publishes that allow developers to connect to or use their software.
AVL Automated Vehicle Location
BOLO Be On The Look Out
CAD Computer Aided Dispatch
EMS Emergency Medical Service
Emergency Management System
EOC Emergency Operations Center
ERG Emergency Response Guidebook
GE Geocortex Essentials
GPS Global Positioning System
GVH Geocortex Viewer for HTML5
IPv4 / IPv6 Internet Protocol version 4 or version 6 formats.
IPv4 is written 01 . 102 . 103 . 104.
IPv6 is written 684D:1131:222:3633:4544:5545:6:77.
IRAI Incident Response Application Interface
JSON JavaScript Object Notation - a data exchange format
HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language Version 5
OCGS Office of Chief Government Statistician
Organized Crime and Gang Section (Dept of Justice)
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
REST Representational State Transfer - a way to structure distributed hypermedia systems
UCIDS Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System
USGS United States Geological Survey
UX User Interface

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