AOP System Requirements

Prerequisite: You must read and follow all the requirements set out in the Geocortex Essentials Installation Guide.

Both your browser and operating system must support WebSocket.

Network Requirements

If you plan to use GeoEvent Server with the AOP Role, there are some additional requirements. The Geocortex Core Roles listen on port 10080. Therefore you need to allow your GeoEvent Server to access port 10080 on your Geocortex Essentials server.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server has its own network and ports requirements. Please follow the Esri documentation on Ports used by GeoEvent Server.

Recommended Hardware

We recommend that you install AOP on a three-node cluster of Geocortex Essentials to increase its resilience. Because of the importance of systems running AOP technology, we have a comprehensive quality program. However, AOP is not a replacement for existing fail-safe, fault-tolerant emergency response infrastructure systems. AOP is an additional, parallel tool that can help augment and improve understanding and response in an emergency situation.

Like other vendors of the third-party technology that AOP uses either directly or works beside, we are not able to assume legal liability in the event of system failure during fault-intolerant use.

You will find a list of supported client environments in the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 Installation Guide.

Minimum Software Requirements

Install the following Geocortex software on the same machine before you install AOP:

If you plan to integrate AOP with ArcGIS information, you will require access to the following software:


While the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 Installation Guide indicates that Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is supported, the Collaboration feature in AOP does not work if you run it using IE9 as your browser. Because the Active Operating Picture and After Action Playback applications rely heavily on Geocortex Collaboration, you should not use IE9.

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