Get Started

  • System requirements: iOS | Android | Windows
    Geocortex Mobile App Framework allows you to run Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 as a native iOS, Android, or Windows app, with or without network connectivity.
  • Obtain Geocortex Mobile App Framework: iOS | Android | Windows
    Download Geocortex Mobile App framework from the VertiGIS Studio Community.
  • Installation: iOS | Android | Windows
    Install Geocortex Mobile App Framework on an iOS, Android, or Windows device.

Key Features

  • Offline features
    Learn which Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 features can be used offline.
  • Offline maps and basemaps: iOS | Android | Windows
    Map layers and basemaps must be configured before going offline.
  • Offline editing
    Geocortex Mobile App Framework allows users to add and modify features when offline and sync their changes back to the server when connectivity is restored.