Install on an iOS Device

Main Steps

The main steps to install and set up the Geocortex Mobile App Framework are:

  1. Install the App on the device.

  2. Trust the App.

  3. Download additional resources.

    The end user only needs to do this if you have made additional resources available that the user wants to use, for example, locale files.

Install the App

In order for users to download the App via an intranet, the device must be connected to the same intranet. The device can be connected directly or by WiFi.

To install the Geocortex Mobile App Framework onto an iOS device:

  1. Point the device's web browser to the download page.

  2. Follow the instructions on the download page to download the App to the device.

  3. Follow the device prompts to install the App.

Trust the App

After installing, you may need to trust the App before you can open it. For more information about trusting apps, see Guidelines for installing custom enterprise apps on iOS on the Apple website.

To trust the Geocortex Mobile App Framework for iOS:

  1. On the device, tap Settings | General.

  2. Tap Profiles or Profiles & Device Management.

  3. Under the ENTERPRISE APP heading, tap the name of the company by which the App was published. For example, MyCompanyName.

  4. Tap Trust "MyCompanyName".

Once the App is installed, users can open the App the same way they would open any app on their device.

The newly-installed App contains a sample viewer and no resources.

Download Additional Resources

If you have made additional resources available to end users, such as locale files, users can download the resources now. To download a resource, the user taps the resource's link or scans the QR code that you have provided.

For more information, see Create and Deploy Additional Resources.