Viewer Log on Windows

The Viewer keeps a log of its activities. This log is helpful when tracking down incompatibilities and errors. Including relevant log entries in a Geocortex community post or in an email to VertiGIS Studio Support can be useful for troubleshooting. Unlike the HTML5 Viewer, the Geocortex Mobile App Framework keeps a log file, which is available after you close the App.

View the Log in the Viewer

To view the log in the viewer:

Filter the Log in the Viewer

To filter the log in the viewer:

  1. View the log.

  2. Click or tap Filter View.

    Several filters appear.

  3. Click or tap one of the following filters:

    • Errors: Display only errors. An error is the most serious type of log entry.

    • Warnings: Display only warnings, and more serious log entries.

    • Info: Display all log entries, except debug entries. This is the default filter.

    • Debug: Display all log entries, including debug entries. This filter can only be used if you enable debug logging.

  4. Click or tap one of the following filters:

    • All Sources: Display both Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 and Geocortex Mobile App Framework log entries.

    • GVH: Display only Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 log entries.

    • GMAF: Display only Geocortex Mobile App Framework log entries.

Enable Debug Logging in the Viewer

To enable debug logging in the viewer:

Debug logging provides extra information about the App's activities. While this can be useful for troubleshooting a problem, it can cause reduce App performance. We do not recommend enabling debug logging for normal use of the App.

  1. View the log.

  2. Select the Enable Debug Logging checkbox. By default, this checkbox is cleared.

    To actually view debug entries, click or tap Filter View, and then click or tap Debug.

Clear the Log in the Viewer

To clear the log in the viewer:

  1. View the log.

  2. Click or tap Clear Log.

    The log is cleared for the current session.

    This procedure only clears the viewer log for the current session, and does not delete log files.

Access the Log File

To access the log file:

  1. On your Windows device, you can find the log file in the following storage location by default:

    C:\Users\MyUserName\Documents\Geocortex App Data\log.txt

    Replace MyUserName with your Windows user name.

    You can change the default storage location if you edit the configuration.json file in the root folder of the App and set the storageLocation property to another folder.

The Geocortex Mobile App Framework also keeps two archived log files in the same location. When a log file exceeds 5 MB, older log entries are moved in the following order: log.txt, log.0.txt, log.1.txt, and finally removed.