NativeIntegration Module

Prior to HTML5 Viewer 2.3, the NativeIntegration Module was called the Native Module.

The NativeIntegration Module implements platform-specific functionality like the File Attachments feature. The File Attachments feature uses the HTML5 File Reader to attach a file or photograph to a feature in a feature layer. The File Attachments feature then automatically appears whenever the browser supports this functionality. No additional configuration is required.

In order to attach files to a feature, the feature layer must be editable and it must support attachments.

The following browsers support file attachments:

The following browsers support file attachments on tablets:

The following browsers support file attachments on mobile phones:

To see which other browsers support the HTML5 File Reader, see

If the browser on a mobile device does not support HTML5 FileReader, then the File Attachment feature attempts to use the older Cordova environment that natively supports it. The Cordova environment is not available for desktop machines.

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