Scalebar Module

This module can be configured using Manager. For instructions, see Map Widgets.

The Scale Bar Module implements the Scale Bar map widget and Scale Input map widget.

Dual-unit line scale bar (left) and metric ruler scale bar (right)

Scale Input Box

The Scale Input map widget allows users to enter a new scale to zoom the map to. This feature always represents scale as a ratio, for example, 1:1128, 1:300890, or 1:11024035. The Scale Input map widget is enabled by default.

Scale Input map widget, collapsed

The user clicks the map widget to expand it.

Scale Input map widget, expanded

If the map includes a tiled basemap, the user can use the drop-down menu to pick from a preset list of scales. To zoom to the new scale value, the user presses Enter or clicks Go.

Drop-down list of preset scales

If the map uses a tiled basemap and the user enters a scale that is between available scales, the viewer automatically adjusts the user input to the nearest available scale.

In Chrome for desktop, use the up or down arrow to adjust the scale by increments of one.

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