Introduction to the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

The Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 is a framework for creating clean and effective map viewers for a wide variety of browsers and devices. Viewers enable users to view and interact with a web-based map and its data.

In Geocortex Essentials, a viewer is associated with a site. The site provides the viewer with the configuration of map services, layers, reports, and other features—the map-related content—in a technology-neutral way. The viewer's configuration determines the user interface's appearance and behavior. By altering the configuration, Geocortex HTML5 viewers can run on different types of device—smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

HTML5 viewer on multiple devices

Viewer Templates and Management Packs

A viewer template is a file that contains a viewer framework—generic viewer functionality that you configure to create a viewer for a particular application. A viewer Management Pack makes a particular viewer framework configurable in Geocortex Essentials Manager. In order to be able to use Manager to add and configure a viewer, you must first install the template and Management Pack.

Manager enables you to configure common viewer settings. You can configure additional settings by editing the viewer's configuration file(s) in a text editor.

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