Identify Operations on Image Services

Geocortex Essentials and the HTML5 Viewer support identify operations on ArcGIS Server image services. At a minimum, identify operations return the value of the raster cell that is being identified. You can configure identify operations to also return the catalog information and, if the image service has a mosaic dataset, the dataset's individual values.

Identify results for an image service

The screen capture above shows identify results on a bathymetry (water depth) image service that has a mosaic dataset. The topmost result is the result after the mosaic function is applied. The individual values that were used to calculate the mosaic function are next in the list. The catalog is the last result in the list. The pushpin marks the identified location, which is the location of the dataset values and function result. There is a second pushpin outside the current extent, which marks the catalog.

By default, users can identify by point only. If the user performs some other type of identify, such as a polygon identify, no results are returned from the image service. You can configure an HTML5 viewer to return image service results for line-based and polygon-based identify operations. The viewer's Identify Module has a property called restrictRasterIdentifyToPoint that controls this.

Performing identify operations on image services is disabled by default. Image services have an Identify Settings tab where you enable identify operations and configure any additional types of result that you want to show.

Settings for Image Service Identify Operations

Identify operations for image services have the following settings:

Configure Identify Operations for an Image Service

To configure identify operations for an image service:

  1. In Manager, edit the map service that you want to configure.

  2. Click the Identify Settings tab.

  3. Configure the settings.

  4. Click Apply Details.