Logging and Log Levels

Geocortex Essentials creates two types of log: system logs and access logs. Log levels control how much information is recorded in the log files. Essentials logs the events and activities for the level configured at the application level and all the less verbose levels.

Essentials supports the following log levels:

Off > Error > Warn > Info > Debug

The farther to the right a level is, the more information is logged.

Log levels are configured in Manager. There are separate settings for the system and access log levels.

Change the Log Levels

To change the log levels:

  1. In Manager, click the Application Settings hyperlink in the banner area.

  2. Select a system log level, if desired.

  3. Select an access log level, if desired.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Save Site.

    The new log levels take effect immediately.