Common Problems

The following table lists some common errors related to Essentials security.




Secret Required

As a security measure, Identity Server requires you to enter its unique secret when you make some types of changes to its configuration.

Get the secret and enter it where required. See Find Identity Server's Secret for instructions.

Invalid Redirect URL

The security provider completed the sign-in and redirected back to Essentials, but Essentials could not redirect back to the viewer because the viewer is on a different server whose URL is not registered.

Add the URL of the server that the viewer is hosted on to the list of Allowable Redirect URLs in the security settings. See Global Security Settings for instructions.

Digest Verification Error

Identity Server completed the sign-in, but Essentials will not accept the security token because it has been modified. Sometimes a reverse proxy or network appliance rewrites responses, which marks the token as modified.

Reconfigure your reverse proxy or network appliance so it does not rewrite or modify Identity Server's responses.