Perform a Security Health Check

Manager has a Security Health function that evaluates your security configuration for potential weaknesses. To strengthen your security setup, follow the recommendations in the Security Health panel.

To use the Security Health function:

  1. In Manager, click the Security & Data tab.

    It does not matter which Security page is open—Providers or Settings.

  2. Click the Security Health icon .

    Location of the Security Health icon

    The Security Health panel opens. The Security Health panel lists recommendations for changes that you can make to your Essentials configuration to strengthen security.

  3. To make a recommended change, click the hyperlink beside the setting that you want to change.

    This opens the page in Manager where the setting is configured.

    Security Health panel, with hyperlinks to the pages where the settings are configured

  4. Change the setting as recommended.

    You have now closed the gaps in your security configuration.