Trusted URLs

You can allow all your sites to access content from a URL using the Trusted URLs security feature. By default, viewers prompts users to allow or deny content from unknown URLs. If you trust a domain or specific URLs, you can add them to a white list of URLs that the viewer should always trust. For example, your layer attribute data may contain URLs from another one of your domains, and you want viewers to always trust links to that domain.

From the Security & Data tab in Essentials Manager's header go to the Security > Trusted URLs page to configure trusted URLs.

The Security & Data tab in Manager

Add and Remove Trusted URLs

You can add an allowed value by entering it in the form's text box and pressing the Add button. Existing entries are displayed below the input form. To remove an entry you can use the Remove icon next to each entry.

Once you have added values, use the Apply Details button to save the configuration.

The Trusted URLs form

Levels of Trust

The specificity of an added URL affects whether a URL is trusted as a domain, subdirectory, or a single file. For example, if you only trust files from that are in the images/ subdirectory, you would enter the URL into the form.

See the table below for example URLs and how the viewer trusts those URLs:

Input URL

Level of Trust

Trusts any file at the domain

Note that would still not be trusted.

Trusts any file at the subdomain

Trusts any file at within the subdirectory videos/.

Trusts only the file table.html at

If a domain uses both http:// and https://, add both forms of the full URL as separate entries.

Trusted URLs as a Custom Property

This method of configuring trusted URLs is deprecated. We recommend that you remove any trustedUrls custom properties before adding URLs to the Trusted URLs interface in Manager.

You can add the URL as a trustedUrls property to the site.

To add a trustedURLs property to a site:

  1. In Manager, edit the site that you want to configure, and then click Site Info in the side panel.

  2. Click the Properties link at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click Add Property.

  4. Add a name and value:

    • Name: Enter trustedUrls.

    • Value: Enter the URL you want to trust.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Apply Details.

You can remove trustedUrls properties by clicking the Remove icon next to an existing trustedUrls property.