File and Folder Locations

All the files and folders listed in this table are created automatically by Essentials, either when Essentials is installed, or when you configure something that requires that file or folder.

Curly brackets represent a file path. For example, {GE_INSTALL} is the path of the Essentials installation folder.

Square brackets represent the name of the particular item. For example, in {GE_HOME}\Sites\[site], [site] stands for the name of a particular site.

Default File and Folder Locations

File or Folder


Default Location

Geocortex Essentials installation folder


C:\Program Files (x86)\Latitude Geographics\Geocortex Essentials

Geocortex Essentials REST folder


Unnamed instance of Essentials: {GE_INSTALL}\Default\REST Elements

Named instances of Essentials: {GE_INSTALL}\[instance]\REST Elements

Sites folder



Tile package (TPK) files folder



Folder for a particular site



Site configuration file



Essentials Web.config files




Geocortex Core


C:\Program Files\Latitude Geographics\Geocortex Core

Instant Search index



Geocortex Identity Server


C:\Program Files (x86)\Latitude Geographics\Geocortex Identity Server

Identity Server connections file



Identity Server membership provider



Identity Server role provider



Site cache



Global virtual directory



Virtual directory for a site*


{GE_SITES}\[site]\[virtual directory]

Geocortex viewers






Viewer virtual directory



HTML5 viewer configuration files



HTML5 viewer custom images



HTML5 viewer styles



HTML5 viewer language files



Resources directory



Print templates



Large-format print jobs (during creation)


{GE_HOME}\Print Jobs




REST settings






Essentials assemblies (DLL files)




Essentials log files




* A site's virtual directory can be anywhere in the site's folder. Usually, it is a subfolder of the site's folder, as shown in the table, but it can also be more deeply nested.