Manual Site Migration

Site migration refers to copying a site from one instance of Essentials to another. This section provides instructions for manually migrating a site.

In general, you do not need to migrate sites manually—when you upgrade Essentials, the installer automatically migrates your sites from the old installation to the new installation.

Site migration is done on the server where the configuration files reside. In a multi-server system with redundant REST APIs, this is the server that hosts the network share. See Geocortex Essentials Deployment for information.

To migrate a site manually:

  1. In the file system, navigate to the Sites folder of the Essentials instance that contains the site that you want to migrate.

  2. Copy the folder for the site you want to migrate to the Sites folder of the other Essentials instance.

  3. Copy any additional configuration files that the site references to the equivalent location in the other Essentials instance.

    For example, if the site references workflows, print templates, or report templates that are not in the folder that you copied in Step 2, copy these additional files to the equivalent location in the other Essentials instance.

    You have now migrated the site.

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