Geocortex Essentials System Requirements

Hardware Requirements for Essentials Servers

Any computer that can run one of the supported operating systems is compatible with Geocortex Essentials 4.14.0. If you are going to use Instant Search, you will need a more powerful server. To ensure adequate performance, follow the guidelines given below.

Minimum Requirements for Essentials Servers

More memory and a faster CPU improve Essentials performance. We recommend that your servers surpass the minimum requirements.

Minimum Hardware Requirements for an Essentials Server

Hardware Component



Random Access Memory (RAM)

4 GB

8 GB or higher

Storage Drive (HDD, SSD)

1 GB

5 GB or higher


2-core processor,
2 GHz, x64

4-core processor, 2 GHz or higher, x64

Requirements for Servers Running Instant Search

Instant Search is I/O bound. When serving search requests, Instant Search accesses both system memory (RAM) and the storage drive. You can improve the performance of Instant Search by increasing RAM and upgrading the storage drive.

Instant Search is not CPU bound. An upgrade to the server's CPU does not significantly improve the performance of Instant Search.

To improve Instant Search performance:

Hardware Requirements for an Essentials Server Running Instant Search

Hardware Component




Random Access Memory (RAM)

6 GB

8 GB or higher


Storage Drive (HDD, SSD)


100+ GB SSD

As a guideline, the Instant Search index requires about 2 GB of disk space per 1 million features. This ratio varies with feature size.

Software Requirements for Essentials Servers

The software requirements are the same for all servers, whether they are running Geocortex Core and Essentials, or just the REST API. For more information, see Geocortex Essentials Deployment.

Before starting the installation, the installer checks whether the server meets the software requirements. The installer will not install a component if the component's requirements are not met.

Operating System Requirements

Because Essentials is built on Microsoft's .NET Framework, Essentials must be deployed on Microsoft Windows, specifically, on 64-bit Windows.

Essentials supports the following versions of 64-bit Windows:

.NET Framework Requirements

Geocortex Essentials is built on Microsoft's .NET Framework. Essentials requires .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.

You must download and install the .NET Framework before you can install Essentials. You can download the .NET Framework from the Microsoft Download Center.

Web Server Requirements

Geocortex Essentials requires Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or newer.

Specific IIS components must be enabled. See IIS Configuration for information.

Geocortex Essentials Manager Requirements

Geocortex Essentials Manager runs in a web browser. Manager supports the following browsers:

These browsers are supported in the sense that their use with Manager is tested. Other browsers and browser versions may also work with Manager.

Geocortex Essentials Manager requires a 64-bit web browser.

Geocortex Essentials Manager uses cookies. To use Manager, cookies must be enabled in your web browser.

Cookie Requirements

Geocortex Essentials uses the following first-party, strictly necessary cookies for authentication purposes:

Supported Versions of the Geocortex Viewers

We recommend using Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 4.14.0 with Geocortex Essentials 4.14.0.

Running Essentials with older versions of the viewer framework results in reduced viewer capabilities. Running Essentials with newer versions of the viewer may lead to errors and is not recommended either.

Supported Versions of Esri Software

Supported Versions of ArcGIS Enterprise

Geocortex Essentials 4.14.0 supports ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 and newer, including ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS.

Supported Versions of ArcGIS Server

Geocortex Essentials 4.14.0 supports ArcGIS Server 10.3 to ArcGIS Server 10.4, and ArcGIS Server within ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 and newer.

Supported Versions of Portal for ArcGIS

Geocortex Essentials 4.14.0 works with the following versions of Portal for ArcGIS: