Create your First Print Template

The following procedure shows how to create a simple print template that shows the map from an Essentials site with scale bar, north arrow and legend.

To create a print template:

  1. Launch Geocortex Essentials Report Designer.

  2. In Essentials Report Designer, click the Geocortex Essentials panel to display the toolbox.

  3. To add the map image to the template, drag the Main Map control to the Design Area in the Details area.

    Drag a main map into the Design area

    Notice that the DataField property is automatically set to _MainMap. Essentials uses this to determine where to add a map image when data binding the report.

    The SizeMode property must remain set to Stretch.

  4. Resize the Detail section of the report so that the map is fully visible.

  5. Click the Preview tab.

    Notice that a placeholder image is shown for your map in the preview. This will be dynamically replaced with your actual map image when executed from Geocortex Essentials.

  6. Return to Designer view and add a scale bar, legend, north arrow and overview map to the template, as well as scale bar units, scale distance and date/time controls.

    The report should look something like this:

    Sample Print Template

    Report in Designer view

    Sample Print Template Preview

    Report in Preview

  7. Save the report template (File | Save) in the Sites folder.

    You can now add the print template to your site and configure it so it can be used in the viewer.