Search for Items

When you first open Item Manager, your content is listed in the Items panel. The Items panel allows you to Search, Filter By, Sort By and Select items.


To search for items, enter a search term in the Search bar at the top of the panel. and click Search or press Enter. The search function searches the titles, summaries, descriptions, type, type keywords, and tags of items in ArcGIS.

Advanced Search

You can use the ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Online syntax to perform advanced searches. The following is a list of examples. Use the Items and item types documentation for a list of applicable terms.

Search terms can be combined in a single search. For example: type:"mobile map package" owner:"myuser_myorg"

Filter By

There are several options to filter the list of items:

Sort By

There are several options to sort the list of items:


You can select one or multiple items at a time. By default, the Results list allows you to select one item at a time. Toggle Select Multiple to the on position to select multiple items.