Prepare the Printing Widget for Experience Builder

The VertiGIS Studio Printing widget allows you to use ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition to host and run print templates.

To prepare the widget for Experience Builder, you first download the widget and then copy it to your Experience Builder installation.

This procedure assumes that you have already installed Experience Builder, which you can download here. Follow these instructions to install it.

To download and deploy the Printing widget:

  1. Download the widget from

  2. Locate the root of your Experience Builder installation in Windows Explorer.
    By default, the root is called ArcGISExperienceBuilder.

  3. Extract the widget zip file to the root. The widget will automatically move to the correct folder location within your Experience Builder installation.

    The widget is stored in the Experience Builder's \[root]\client\your-extensions\widgets folder.

  4. Restart Experience Builder client and server services.
    The Printing widget appears in the Experience Builder Widgets panel.