Add a Border

The Cross-Band Box Control can be used to create a border around several separate bands. This can be useful in the case of requiring a border around a print. The following tutorial outlines the steps for adding a border to a print template. This tutorial assumes that you have already created a print template.

To add a border to a print template:

  1. Drag a Cross-Band Box control into the design area.

  2. Resize the Cross-Band Box to fit the bounds of the print template.

    If you're not sure of the placement of your Cross-Band Box control, you can check the start and end points in the Properties panel.

  3. In the Properties panel, expand the Layout property group.

    The Start Band and End Band properties set what bands the control starts and ends in.

  4. Modify the Start Band or End Band properties if necessary.

  5. In the Properties panel, expand the Appearance property group.

  6. Modify the appearance of the border as needed.

  7. Run the Preview to test your configuration.