Expression Editor

To help you build expressions, Report Designer has a built-in Expression Editor that gives you easy access to the different types of elements you can use in an expression. The Expression Editor only shows items that are permitted in the current context.

To configure a property using an expression, open the Expressions Panel and click the ... icon for one of the properties to open the Expression Editor.

Components of the Expression Editor


The components of the Expression Editor include:

  1. Expression Viewer: Displays the expression. You can manually type an expression in the Expression Viewer, or you can use the Categories and Options to find and add the components you need.
  2. Categories: Groups of options that can be added to an expression. When you select a category, the options for the category appear in the Options box.
  3. Options: The options included in a category. Double-click an option to add it to the expression. You can search for an option using the search bar at the top of the box.
  4. Description: Displays a description of the selected option. This box only appears for certain categories.


The categories available include: