Map Picture Box Control


The Map Picture Box control includes the map from the user's session in the print output. The user specifies the area to show and the scale to use in the user's session. The output shows the visible layers and any markup and selections that the user has made.

Within Report Designer, there is no user session with a map, so the control on the design surface shows a placeholder map. The Preview uses a sample map service.

To use a Map control in a print template, add the control to the layout. No further configuration is required. When the print is generated, VertiGIS Studio Printing automatically gets the map, the map's state, and the user's configuration from the host application to create the map image.

Properties Common to Most Controls

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Keep Together

Type: Boolean

Sets whether an item can be split horizontally across pages. When false, the print item will be split across pages if all its contents do not fit on one page. When true, the contents of the item will be printed, as a whole, on the next page.


Sets the alignment of the image within the control.

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