Configure a QR Code

QR codes can be used in a report to help mobile users quickly navigate to related content. Desktop users may be at a loss though on how to access the same content. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a QR code that can be scanned by mobile users and clicked by desktop users to access the same content.

Step 1: Create the report

  1. In VertiGIS Studio Report Designer, click File and then New.

  2. From the list of options, double-click Layer Report.

  3. In the Layer Report Wizard, select Use a new ArcGIS layer or table and then click Next.

  4. Enter a name for the data source, such as LA County Service.

  5. For the URL, enter, and then click Next.

  6. Select Tax Parcels and then click Finish.

Step 2: Add a Bar Code control and configure the Height and Symbology

  1. Set the Height of the Detail band to 250

    1. Select the Detail band.

    2. Open the Properties panel .

    3. Expand the Layout property group.

    4. Set Height to 250.

  2. Add a Bar Code control and set the Height to 200.

    1. Drag a Bar Code control into the Detail band.

    2. In the Properties panel, set Height to 200.

  3. In the Actions property group, set Symbology to QRCode.

  4. Check Auto Module.

    The code will resize to the bounds of the control.

  5. Expand the Symbology property.

  6. Set the Compaction Mode to Byte.

    The QR code can now include alphanumeric characters.

Step 3: Configure the URL of the QR code when scanned

  1. Uncheck Show Text.

    The URL will not display as text below the QR code.

  2. Configure the Text property to ''+ [SITEADDRESS]

    1. Open the Expressions panel.

    2. In the Text property, click the ... button to launch the Expression Editor.

    3. In the Expression Viewer, enter ''+

    4. In the Categories box, select Fields.

    5. In the Options box, double click SITEADDRESS.

      Your expression should look like ''+ [SITEADDRESS]

    6. Click OK.
  3. Launch the Preview .

  4. Use the parameter values 1, 2, 3, 4

  5. Scan the QR Code with your mobile device.

    The QR code contains a URL.

  6. Click the QR code.

    Nothing happens as there is no URL configured for when the QR code is clicked.

Step 4: Configure the URL of the QR code when clicked

  1. Configure the Navigation URL property to ''+ [SITEADDRESS]

    1. Copy the expression from the Text property.

    2. Paste the expression in the Navigation URL property.

  2. Launch the Preview .

  3. Use the parameter values 1, 2, 3, 4

  4. Click the QR code.

    The URL launches in a new tab.