Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make designing reports quicker and easier. The Shortcut column in the table below gives the keys to press to perform the action given in the Action column. To use a keyboard shortcut such as Ctrl + Alt + N, press the Ctrl, Alt, and N keys all at the same time.

Keyboard Shortcuts



Ctrl + Alt + N

Create a new, blank report.

Ctrl + S

Save the current report.

If the report has not been saved before, this shortcut opens the Save As panel so you can enter a title for the report.

Ctrl + Shift + S

Save the current report under a new name.

Ctrl + Alt + Home

Go to the parent report of the current subreport.

Alt + Shift + F

Formats the JSON text content of a JSON data source.

Ctrl + Alt + J

Displays the list of running jobs.

This feature is only available in the on-premises version of VertiGIS Studio Reporting.