Manage Duplicate Data

Your report data sources may contain duplicate data that you do not want to appear in your report. The Process Duplicates Mode and Process Duplicates Target properties are an appropriate means of managing duplicate data in select controls. For more information on these properties and how they behave in their respective controls see the Behavior group of the following controls: 

To configure a control to process duplicate values:

  1. Set what data is processed using the Process Duplicates Target property. In most cases, you can use Value.

  2. Set the Process Duplicates Mode property to one of the following options:

    • Leave: The duplicate control is always printed.
    • Merge: The identical data values are merged into a single column.
    • Suppress: A blank space is printed in place of the duplicate data.
    • Suppress and Shrink: The control that contains duplicate data is not printed.
    • This setting has no effect on intersecting controls or in vertical bands.