Add Page Numbers to a Report

The Page Info control can display a variety of information about the report. One example is using the control to add page numbers to a report. The following tutorial documents how to configure a Page Info control to display the page number on each page of a report.

Step 1: Create the report

  1. In VertiGIS Studio Report Designer, click File and then New.
  2. Double-click the Layer Report option.
  3. In the Layer Report Wizard dialog, select Use a new ArcGIS layer or table and then click Next.
  4. Enter a name for the data source, such as World Time Zones.
  5. For the URL, enter, and then click Next.
  6. Select the World Cities layer and then click Finish.

Step 2: Set the report to run on 100 features

To create a report that has several pages, we must run the preview on many features. As it is unreasonable to manually enter 100 OBJECTIDs into the report parameter, we will modify the query to automatically query the first 100 features.

  1. Open the Field List .
  2. Expand the data source and then select the query.
  3. Click Edit query .
  4. In the Data Source Wizard, click Run Query Builder...
  5. In the top right corner of the Query Builder dialog, expand Query Properties.
  6. Delete the contents of the Filter property.
  7. Set the Select Top property to 100.
  8. Click OK and then Finish.
  9. Open the Field List and expand Parameters.
  10. Delete the FeatureIds parameter.
  11. Click the Preview button to test your configuration.

Step 3: Configure a Page Footer Band with a Page Info Control

  1. Open the Properties Panel .

  2. To display any of the insert band icons in the panel, select any of the bands in the report.

  3. Under the Actions property group, click the Insert Page Footer Band button.

    A Page Footer Band appears between the Bottom Margin Band and the Detail Band.

  4. Drag a Page Info Control into the top right corner of the Page Footer Band.

  5. Resize the Page Footer Band to match the height of the Page Info Control.

  6. Select the Page Info Control.

  7. In the Properties Panel, confirm Page Information is set to "Current of Total" Page Numbers.

  8. Run the Preview to test your configuration.

    The report publishes the page numbers in the format {current}/{total}

Optional: Use the Text Format String property to customize the page numbers

VertiGIS Studio Report Designer makes use of indexed placeholders when referring to the current and total pages. In this case {0} refers to the current page, and {1} refers to the total number of pages. At runtime, these placeholders are replaced with the appropriate values.

  1. Select the Page Info control.

  2. Open the Properties Panel.

  3. In the Text Format String property, enter Page {0} of {1}.

    {1} is a placeholder for the total number of pages in the report.

    {0} is the placeholder for the current page number.

  4. Run the Preview to see the results of your configuration.