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Anyone can build a Search app without writing any code. This tutorial shows you how to build a simple Search app that performs a search based on the defined parameters.

Before you Begin

VertiGIS Studio Search can run in two environments—in the cloud or on premises. To do this tutorial, you must have access to one of these environments.

Cloud: To do this tutorial in the cloud environment, you need an ArcGIS Online account. You can use a public account or an organizational account. You can get a public account here for free.

On Premises: If your organization has installed VertiGIS Studio Search on premises and configured it to work with an on-premises installation of Portal for ArcGIS, you can do this tutorial with the account that you use to access your organization's portal.


The tutorial uses a public ArcGIS Online map service. To do the tutorial, your organization’s portal must have access to the Internet.


Quick Steps to Create a Search App

The steps to create your first Search app are:

1.Create and configure the app in Search Designer

2.Optional - add another resource to an app.





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