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Search Designer


The main parts of Search Designer's user interface are as follows:




1.Sidebar: The sidebar has the following options:

File: Click File to open the File menu.

oNew - Allows for the creation of a new search configuration for a VertiGIS Studio application or a universal application. See New Search Config below.

oOpen - Opens an existing search configuration.

oDelete - Deletes an existing search configuration.

oSave - Saves a search configuration if it is open.

oClose - Closes a search configuration if it is open.

Info: Click Info to open the Info panel. The Info panel shows the following:

oEngine Health Status: Shows the status of Search-related modules and services. All checkmarks should be green indicating the Search system is fully operational.

oEngine Health UI: Opens a new browser tab and runs health checks for the modules and subindexes to ascertain their status. The Health UI is static once it loads. It can be updated manually by clicking the Up button. You can also set it to periodically poll in the Settings.
health ui

oEngine Settings: Intended for the advanced user and accommodates various activities such as directly querying the API, viewing logs, and running health checks. See Search Engine for more detail.

Help: The Help panel has the following:

oThe version of VertiGIS Studio Search you are using.

oLinks to documentation and release notes.

oLinks to the VertiGIS Studio Search community.

oA link to VertiGIS Studio Development Center.

oLinks to VertiGIS legal and privacy information.

User: Click the user icon to sign in or out of Search Designer.

2.New Search Config: Choose the type of Search app to create:

VertiGIS Studio Web - A Search Configuration that is linked to a VertiGIS Studio Web App can only be created using the Studio App Designer. Please open the desired VertiGIS Studio Web config in Studio Web Designer and then choose "VertiGIS Studio Search" as search type for the desired layer in that config.  

Detailed settings may be made using the Studio Search Designer directly.


Blank - Create a new search configuration for any VertiGIS or third party environment.

3.Configured Searches: A list of all configured Search apps and the following details:

Name: The name of the app.

Type: The type of app (VertiGIS Studio Web, VertiGIS WebOffice, or ArcGIS Experience Builder).

Status: If the app has been properly set up, this value will be "Created". Otherwise, it will be "Missing", signifying a missing resource.

Last Updated: The date the app was last updated.

Resources: One Search app must contain one or more resources. For example, the included Experience Builder App has two resources: USA Parks and USA Rivers and Streams.

Records: The total record count for all resources in the Search app.

Actions: Contains available actions to perform on the associated Search app.

oRebuild Queue: submit-icon Submit all of the resources in this app to rebuild queue. Rebuild typically starts within a few minutes. You can click on the Refresh Table icon to update the table and see progress.

oCopy: copy-icon Copies the unique resource identifier (UUID) to the clipboard.

oDisable: disable-icon Disables the Search app.

oDelete: Delete icon Deletes the Search app.




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