Configure Sharing Permissions

In Designer, you can review the sharing permissions of your apps and its items, such as web maps, web scenes, ArcGIS Online Layers, workflows, reports and print templates. The Sharing Permissions section provides links to easily set sharing permissions for any deployment stage of an app, namely, Development, Testing, Staging and Production.

To configure sharing permissions:

This procedure is only possible if the app has been saved at least once.

  1. In the taskbar, click Deploy.

    The Deploy panel appears.

  2. Beside the deployment stage for which you want to change sharing permissions, click and Sharing Permissions.

    You can only configure sharing permissions if the deployment stage has been deployed. For example, you must deploy to the Production stage before you can configure its sharing permissions.

    The Sharing Permissions window appears.

    The icon appears beside items you do not own. To see the groups with which an item is shared, click .

    You cannot use this method to change the permissions of layers that are not managed by an ArcGIS portal.

    Secured workflows cannot be viewed or modified.

  3. Click the item or items for which you want to change sharing permissions.

    The item or items open in ArcGIS Online.

    To manually manage your items in ArcGIS Online, click Manage my items in ArcGIS Online.

  4. In the panel on the right, click Share.

    The Share window appears.

  5. Set the sharing permissions you want for the item. You can set the sharing level as:

    • Owner

    • Organization

    • Everyone (public)

    You can also share to predefined Groups.

    Sharing permissions are applied instantly even if you do not save the app.

    For more information, see Share items.

  6. To verify the new sharing permissions, in Web Designer, click .