Service Settings

You can change the settings for any service in a VertiGIS Studio Web (Web) app. The settings for services are accessible from the Services panel, which appears when you create or open an app.

In Web Designer, you can use Pinpoint Search (CTRL+SHIFT+F) to easily find any service.

App Settings


Layout Events

Contains a list of layouts in your app. You can specify commands to run with regard to each layout by clicking the name of the layout. Each layout has the following settings:

Privacy Policy Settings

Branding Settings

The following settings apply to the application as a whole and set the appearance of the whole app.

Draw Settings

Geocoder Settings

Geometry Settings

Main Settings

Buffer Settings

The end user can override these settings by opening Buffer Settings which, by default, is usually in the toolbar but sometimes in the map context menu.

Highlighting Settings

You can change the colors used to highlight features found when you search or click a feature to focus on it. You can also add a either a simple marker or a picture that points to the specific feature highlighted.

Launch Link Workflows Settings

Measure Settings

Portal Settings

Region Settings

By default, these region settings apply to the entire app but can be overridden by certain components. For example, each layer or field may have individual format settings.