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Different data types may be best represented on different basemaps. With the Basemap Picker component, your user can select which basemap to load onto the map.

There is a populated list of Additional Basemaps - you can add and remove items, depending on what you want to appear in the list. You also have the option of adding Esri basemaps or custom basemaps.

When creating a custom basemap, you can configure a reference layer that includes base imagery and features (for example, water lines) that is actually your data, and turn that into a base layer.


Main Settings




Type a title to display for the component. This title is used both in Web and Designer.


To select an icon to represent the component, click Select Icon, click the desired icon, and click OK. To remove the icon, click Clear Icon.


Additional Basemaps

You can configure two kinds of basemaps for the user to select:

Esri Basemap: These are the well-known standard Esri basemaps.

Custom Basemap: Create your own basemap with whichever reference and base layers you want.

Basemap layers are typically drawn at the bottom of other layers, although a custom basemap may contain reference layers, which are drawn on top of all other layers.

All basemaps, reference layers, and base layers should ideally use exactly the same spatial reference as the web map specified in the Map component. If both a 2D and 3D web scene are configured in the Map component, the 2D web map must also use exactly the same spatial reference as the 3D web scene.


Visibility Filters



Visible To

Determines which users and groups can access this component. If no users or groups are specified, all users can access this component by default.

The Hidden From setting overrides this setting.

Hidden From

Determines which users and groups are explicitly forbidden to access this component.

 This setting overrides the Visible To setting.





Adjust component size

Opens the settings for the parent component, which is where you can change the size of this component.

Margin (px)

The margin space around the component in pixels.

Initially Hidden

Specifies whether or not the component is initially hidden when the app loads. If selected, the component remains hidden unless activated, for example, by the Show command.


The Map components this component affects. This setting cannot be modified if this component is either a subcomponent of a Map component or there is only a single Map component in the app.



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