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Bookmarks allow your user to add a placeholder on the map. An example of a case in which a bookmark is helpful is when your user is working in one location on the map but needs to reference another location. A bookmark enables them to easily navigate between the two.

A bookmark is either defined in the web map (over which the user has no control) or added by the user.

When a user adds a bookmark, it is saved as part of the user data (not in the map data). User-added bookmarks persist between sessions.

Main Settings




Type a title to display for the component. This title is used both in Web and Designer.


To select an icon to represent the component, click Select Icon, click the desired icon, and click OK. To remove the icon, click Clear Icon.


Visibility Filters



Visible To

Determines which users and groups can access this component. If no users or groups are specified, all users can access this component by default.

The Hidden From setting overrides this setting.

Hidden From

Determines which users and groups are explicitly forbidden to access this component.

 This setting overrides the Visible To setting.





Margin (px)

The margin space around the component in pixels.

Initially Hidden

Specifies whether or not the component is initially hidden when the app loads. If selected, the component remains hidden unless activated, for example, by the Show command.

Button Style

The style of the button. Choose either Rounded or Square.


The Map components this component affects. This setting cannot be modified if this component is either a subcomponent of a Map component or there is only a single Map component in the app.

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