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Command Setting

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The command setting appears in many different "places" throughout the Designer interface.

It allows you to specify the action you want the app to perform when the user does something. For example, the user clicks a button and a dialog appears.

To select the command you want, click the box that contains the current command, followed by icon-pencil-grey-edit. The list of available commands depends on the context of the component/what else?

To turn your command into a custom command, click icon-terminal-prompt. A code box appears, in which you can manually edit the JSON code for the command. Turning your command into a custom command is a one-way operation. While editing the custom command in the code box, press CTRL+Space to access code suggestions. You can specify a sequence of multiple commands.

To convert commands into a workflow, first click icon-terminal-prompt to customize the commands, and then click icon-workflow-convert-from-cmd. Converting commands into a workflow cannot be reversed. This option is not available for on-premises Workflow installations that are not installed in the default installation folder.

For example, the following custom command switches from the Results list to the Results Table.

*code sample*

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