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Printing Service

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The Printing Service allows you to configure the URL for the printing engine used to send print requests.

When you print something (for example, a web map), a request is sent to VertiGIS Studio Printing to produce the output and send it back to Web.

This print request is sent using one of two print engines:

Chromium brower-based print engine: Renders the print template in the Chromium browser and creates a low-resolution, raster-based pdf.

This is the default print engine.

ArcGIS Enterprise-based print engine: Uses the ArcGIS Enterprise print layout and creates a high-resolution, vector-based pdf.

You can find the Print Service URL in the VertiGIS Studio Printing Engine Tool (in ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Server Standalone). See the VertiGIS Studio Printing documentation for more information.

After you configure the Print Service URL, a new option appears in the Printing component so you can add ArcGIS Pro layouts.

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