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Required Access Levels for Actions

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The actions you may perform in VertiGIS Studio Web Designer are determined by your account's access level:

To delete an app, deployment stage or app dependency, you must be the owner of those items.

To open or modify an app, you must have write access to the app, but you do not need to be the owner. You must have at least read-only access to any app dependencies.

If you attempt to open an app for which you have read-only access, you will be prompted to make a copy of the app instead.

To deploy an app to a deployment stage, you must have at least read-only access for items representing web maps, web scenes, and client-side workflows. You must also have write access to server-side items such as reports, print templates, and server-side workflows.

The simplest way to verify you have write access is to ensure you can open the server-side item in its own Designer software. For example, open a server-side workflow in Workflow Designer. When deploying to a deployment stage that has previously been deployed, you must have write access to the target items.

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