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Save and Load Project

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The Save Project command preserves the current state of your Web app. Then, you or a colleague can restore that exact view at a later time with the Load Project command. A few examples of instances where this is useful are:

You need to save your work at the end of the day and resume the next morning.

You want to pass the project file to a colleague so they can see your work.

This feature is intended as a short-term storage and retrieval. As underlying map services and data change over time, this file may no longer work as expected if stored long-term.

When you save your project, everything is preserved in the project file. This includes:

Map extent, layer state (on/off, transparency)

All markups

Location notes


User-added data from an Esri portal

User-uploaded data from a file

You can configure the Save Project and Load Project commands to appear anywhere in your layout as a button or menu/toolbar item.

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