High-Availability Deployments

Since VertiGIS Studio Web only consists of static content being sent to the client rather than run on the server, additional servers are unnecessary for performance scaling, however, it may still be desirable to proceed with a high-availability failover deployment. Once VertiGIS Studio Web content is downloaded by a client, that client becomes independent of the server that provided the content.

In order to use your own infrastructure and create a high-availability deployment, VertiGIS Studio Web can be installed on multiple on-premises servers using the standard installer, with a load balancer placed in front of those servers to direct requests to any of them. It is important to ensure the Esri portal is also set up for high-availability, as VertiGIS Studio Web running on a client machine must regularly access the configured Esri portal (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS) for application configuration, map data, workflows, report templates and so on.