Convert Data Table To Feature Set Activity


This activity converts a data table to an object that matches the structure of a feature set. Each row is mapped to a feature, with each column mapped to a value in the feature attributes dictionary.


The Run SQL Query activity could be used to run a database query and produce a data table. The data table could then be passed to the Convert Data Table To Feature Set activity to produce an object with the structure of a feature set. This object can be sent to the client with the Set Workflow Output activity. It can then be passed to activities that work with feature sets, like Get Feature Set From JSON or Sort Feature Set.


Data Table


Type: DataTable

The data table to convert.



Type: Object

An object with the structure of a feature set that corresponds to the data table.


For information about the ID, Display Name, and Description properties, see Properties Common to all Activities.

Supported Environments

Environments capable of running this activity






Experience Builder

Web AppBuilder

Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

Levels of Support:      Full Support      Partial Support      No Support

Connectivity Requirements

This activity does not work when the device has intermittent connectivity to the network.

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