Switch Activity


The Switch activity branches a workflow. It evaluates a condition and determines which of several paths the workflow will follow, depending on the value you assign.


Use this activity to make decisions and perform conditional logic that targets multiple possible paths.

For example, you could use a Display Form activity to allow the user to select an item from a Drop Down List form element. Then, add a Switch activity, assign its value, and branch to each of the values that you want available. The first branch you connect to the Switch is always the Default. Subsequent branches are Cases. Click on each Case to open its Properties and replace the "Case" text with the branch value.

The Switch branch executes when its value matches a Case branch. If there is no match, the Default branch is used.




Type: String | Number | Boolean

The value to switch on.



Type: Boolean

Indicates that the default was taken.


Type: any

Indicates the branch that was taken.


For information about the ID, Display Name, and Description properties, see Properties Common to all Activities.

Connectivity Requirements

This activity works when the device has intermittent connectivity to the network.

Version Information

Supported from: Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.9, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder 2.4.